Wednesday, May 16, 2012

On Wings of an Eagle

Good evening dear Bloggers;

I thought I would give an update on what all has been going on with my Mama's case Obviously there's been much on my mind and much I've been having to deal with, I've had a great deal to do involving my state's goverment and legislature regarding this pull up a chair, grab a soft drink or what You enjoy......sit down for a while, it's time to Relax......:). I think one of the greatest compliments I've received was when someone once said to me, they would love to come to my house and sit and listen to the stories that I tell. Little did they know, I felt the same way about their stories, too :)

Each night I sit here out on my porch swing listening to the song of a Whippoorwill......It's sound brings such enjoyment....words simply cannot express, I don't take its song for granted, neither the serenity and peace it brings....I'm a lone spectator here in my world as I watch silently one by one; the stars show up in the night sky....twinkling brightly far away as a warm breeze blows in through the cabin's entryway........My time alone with God, talking to my sister-in-law., and my animals bring me much comfort and consolation during this entire ordeal I've been enduring for a while now. 

There was a time I lived in the city and realized in a very short time, city life was not for me. Naturally, I enjoy the shops, the ballet, theatre, some opera, the restaurants, lights glitz and glimmer, and it's great to visit.......but to me personally nothing compares to watching a doe bending her graceful head to take a drink from a country stream, or watching a baby calf suddenly begin running kicking up its legs.....or watching as a colt tries its wobbly legs for the very first time. The fragrance of Honeysuckle on the vine....or the aroma of Lavender. Fresh Lettuce and tomatoes, warmed in the sunshine

Outside earlier, this morning, looking up at the beautiful blue of the sky, searching for that Eagle I've been seeing here in the mountains at my cabin home for the past few days. He's simply gorgeous! A few days ago, there were three crows chasing after him, While one was in the back of him, the other two were on each side, shrieking at him! Caw! Caw! Caw! I couldn't help but laugh, it looked so comical; 3 Old Crows chasing after such a majestic Eagle! Suddenly he turned on the crows, defending himself and his airspace, then, soared higher into the sky and flew on his merry way. Needless to say; the crows didn't follow after him, guess they knew better then to tangle with such a formidable foe. There's a few lessons in that.

While last week's hearing involving my mama, went ok actually it was better than I had anticipated really.. Although I'm still left with a lot of questions. Still, I am thankful for my mama's sake and I haven't any complaints with regard to the defense attorney representing her, not only is he a good decent morally upright man but a fantastic attorney, he's good at what he does., however I do question a judicial system that is so far behind the times and seemingly make up they're own laws rules and regulations. I read in a recent local forum that Kentucky "finally" outlawed rooster-fighting...Gee! We're catching up with the times! These so-called "kangaroo courts" not simply the county for which my mother was attending its court in session. 

It's hard not to be cynical especially when the other so-called "kangaroo" law and justice if one could call it a system., is a town you were once from, grew up with a great deal of its citizens or know a great majority on a first name basis, minus the local university's population of course. I was just discussing the other day with an attorney friend., after he had commented on the "nice" justice center in my old hometown.....I replied, didn't they mimmick the one where you spend a great deal of your time in court? Hmm, how it would seem the town builds an outrageously expensive justice building, then the local sheriff or police departments begin arresting people left and right or citing local folks, those tourists passing through and the university population for driving 5mph over the speed-limit, something is "WRONG" here!

While I'll be the first to admit, at times, it's difficult to endure when hearing such disparaging remarks whether from others here or outside the state while visiting., when Kentucky is my home, I love my state and its people, yet we are all in need of major changes in legislation to benefit All not simply a few!!

I've yet to learn as to whether or not the attorneys representing the companies who have sued my mother are still determined to continue their barrage of slanderous defamation of my character, integrity in their onslaught of publicly attacking my honor, while hurling public and written false accusations toward me to any one and every one whom will listen to them. It has become quite clear these attorneys for these companies are attempting to destroy my reputation.

Though I have been and am devastatingly hurt, deeply offended, the accusations are outrageous in the extreme and simply are not true. And though there are those whom know me, grew up with me or simply have been my neighbors or I have attended primary school, college or worked with them or attended church services with them., these are the people knowing I could never and neither would I ever, do what these attorneys are accusing me of. 

Yet, what about those whom do not know me?-----What about them? They don't know that I am a kind person whom cares so deeply for others. They do not know that my life speaks for itself. They do not know that because I am a Christian, have a personal relationship in my Faith-walk with Jesus Christ., knowing I must answer to my heavenly Father, I could never knowingly in good conscience commit a crime of any type much less deliberately hurt any one.

There have been many who have said to me that I am simply being naive. This is all a Money-game to those involved in this case. Stating that these attorneys and their companies they are representing simply could care less that I am innocent in all this--------They could care less that I have a reputation that comes from a lifetime of living Right before God and man. Yet, I have been informed that these attorneys have made their statements that they are going to destroy me!? This statement came from the attorney representing my mama in the civil case. There are two cases ongoing. 

Obviously, Greed plays a huge part in this entire travesty. It's what it's all about, "MONEY" There are some People who will Kill over money, for selfish gain for what they believe it will bring them. Honor, power, prestige? Yet, I ask them at what Price?---- Still, they will Lie, steal, cheat, whatever means necessary to achieve their goal., they simply could care less and without even so much as batting an eyelash, they will walk all over innocent people, falsely accuse them and it doesn't matter whether they hurt or destroy innocent lives to do so.

Talk about Injustice here!....It's enough to make one very Angry.....Outraged. When honest hard-working people out here keeping this country going, trying to save money to care for their families, for themselves and leave an inheritance for their children, are being taken advantage of by crooked insurance companies and financial lending companies and banks , who simply are practicing dirty underhanded business, doubling their profit by 

raising mortgage loan rates, bringing foreclosure, selling people's homes and the land they have worked and sweated to keep, leaving they and their families virtually homeless with no where to go just so these corrupt crooked companies can resale and "double dipping" on their profits....The economic situation has created such dire circumstances in this country, it has been seized upon by such opportunistic predators; these corrupt companies and many others who are taking advantage of this nation's citizens... 

And when we take a look even closer.,we will see that Racial and Discrimination issues are at a boiling point, personally, I believe that "slapping" a title on a group of people such as "Minority" is a type of Discrimination in itself. the working class are out of work, the price of gasoline and diesel are unbelievable and supposed to increase by Summer., food, groceries in stores are outrageously priced, household items have increased, mom and pop diners that have been open in little towns across this nation are closing their doors. 

Grocery stores, post offices------what are people to do? It becomes difficult to overlook when it comes down to putting food on the table for our families...when there is unfair pay for equal work between the sexes and has been ongoing for more than a century, there has been unfairness between the sexes since the beginning and there are always someone in there keeping it going as well....creating circumstances to keep one another at odds.....Every where we look the disease has spread a little more and little more, in a nation where discrimination of its citizens should never be tolerated, yet it is and it is having its devastating effects on families in this country at a staggering level, there is a rapid decline in morality, stress and its related physical effects is at an all-time high.

Domestic violence, Raping, killing, child abuse, and abuse of the elderly, drugs and alcohol abuse, poverty, poor housing, poor working conditions, those who come into this country, while I agree there should be jobs available to all who can and are able-bodied to work, yet many illegals coming into this country are unjustly being taken advantage of-----there is unspeakable human suffering, on every level, in the news media, turn on the television, the radio, on the internet, cell phones, horror-stories of human trafficking, animal abuse, little babies being sacrificed.......

Do we not hear the cries of the People-----of the Children!!!?----yet it seems there are those who are in authority who are trying to silence those very cries. .....What's this country coming to when honest hard working men and women cannot afford to own their own homes and land any more!? When they cannot trust their children playing down the street or out in their own backyards? What is to become of this Nation; America;, Land of The Free, Home of the Brave., that our women and men in the Armed Forces are fighting to keep it Free!?--------- Exactly what are they Fighting For?...when there are those who Care so little for others------- that they would Lie, steal, cheat and even kill to make their profits!?-------Would Someone tell me, Who is worried about Terrorists outside the Borders attacking this Nation.....Instead we must worry about the Enemies within!!!

The injustice and unfairness in our society is staggering., it's endless......Life is filled with unfairness. I could so easily become disheartened, discouraged from not only my own mistreatment in this situation and circumstances going on in my own life at this time and other family members, when sadly all I must do, look around and see such injustice happening all around me in my own community, my state, this Nation and in and throughout the world. 

Still, yet like the captain whose boat has been lost at sea; there seems to be a glimmer of light just up ahead----- In the midst of all this anguish-----the pain of seeing others being treated so unfairly----- I also see God's Love more clearly than ever....... when the nightmarish devastation of a tornado rips through a community leaving nothing but destruction in its aftermath or when flooding or hurricanes nearly destroy an entire state or a fire rages out of control, threatening homes and the very lives of its residents.

I see "LOVE in ACTION" I see neighbors and those from throughout the states helping one another, lending a hand. When I see people sharing, Caring for one another, offering comfort, encouragement bringing Food and Water......I see people standing together, helping One another through the after-effects. When I hear Mayors offer encouragement, a Prayer of Hope as when The Mayor of Tuscaloosa Alabama spoke to its citizens when a tornado destroyed much of their is then I feel a sense of pride----- of Hope renewed..

We are the PEOPLE of this's Our Nation and we must Take a STAND and Take it back!!!......Back when I was a youngster or as a dear family friend fondly refers my siblings and I as "Lil Youngins". I always enjoyed Westerns, John Wayne; The Duke will always be One of my Heroes along with his female Counterpart; Maureen O'Hara.....Some of my Favorites are also Sam Elliott, Ben Johnson, Clint Eastwood, Tom Selleck, James Arness, Lee Majors, Peter Breck, from The Big Valley and what die-hard Fan of Westerns could forget "Bonanza"....Ben, Hoss, Lil Joe and Adam, with their Co-stars Griff, Candy and Jamie. 

Certainly those whom know me best, are aware that even though I am "Mountain Folk" or from "The Mountains" I am unquestionably feminine, there's a softer side that likes enjoying the silk, lace and satin but be as it may; never judge a book by its cover either and with three Brothers, my Dad and my mama, and a brother and sister from my Dad's marriage., I grew up with the Mentality, When times get hard, we don't give up, we stay Strong...We "Roll up, our sleeves, Grit our teeth and Move on with it!" We ride out those storms of life----- I believe our Nation's people have this same mentality this innate, Strong spirit.. We will not be defeated!.....When our Nation was attacked during 9/11----Our People banned together and "Together" We Stood tall and Proud and Helped One another!------

Again, I am reminded of that Eagle I saw earlier this morning, Our Nation though she may have had a Broken Wing..... Its Strength is Renewed......and we will become Stronger......We may have done some fighting among ourselves in the past....but OUTSIDERS best leave us alone!-----First we begin with ourselves, We must ride out of our Towns, Cities, OUT of our Communities, States....these enemies...Ride them ALL out on a Rail!!! It's not so much of Who the enemies are------ but What the Enemies are

Our Enemies are: 

Apathy, Poverty, Discrimination, Prejudice, Bigotry, Hatred, Greed, Selfishness, Malice, Envy, Gossip, Lies, Cheating, Stealing, Slanders, Killing, Abuse, Dishonor, Disrespect, Dehumanizing, Prideful with Arrogance. Though the list seems endless....But it All begins with us.....Ourselves------Each one of us, can play a part, can get is not impossible to undertake this Battle and WIN!!! For ALL things are Possible with The Lord!!

Since man's Fall in the Garden of Eden, there has been Sin, there has been lying, stealing, cheating, killing.......God's Word says we are not to fret and be dismayed because of wickedness and evildoers... I read somewhere.....the sign, "Stay Calm, Read the Psalms" I liked that! So, instead of hitting the Panic button-------Like David, I will encourage myself--------I will continue to Help Others, Encourage Others.....Help in any way possible that I can....... I will strive that much more to be more Kind to Every One I meet..... I will Pray more......I will Look more to The One where my Strength comes from...... for I Know exactly to Whom I look., He is my Refuge, my Strong Tower, my Defense

I may not have all the answers as to the "Why" things happen....but I do have the blessed Hope, the Faith, and The Assurance that when they do happen......There is One who will never leave, neither Forsake Fact His promise is that He will be with me Always even until the end of time itself.

Now, isn't that reason enough to Celebrate!? Isn't that reason enough to rejoice!?------To shout, Hallelujah!!-----I can do my part in eradicating these enemies of humanity...... and when I feel discouraged.....All I need remember David's Son; Solomon once said, to everything there is a Season and a Purpose under heaven given by God Himself. It's reassurance in itself....that Our times are in His hands., and what a wonderful blessed feeling it is to know this when You are living in the center of a Loving God's will. 

What a Peace that passeth all understanding. He gives us the Peace we need and the Strength to walk on, keep going on our journey. He will Heal the broken- hearted, binding up they're wounds..... and He will Vindicate.....for Vengeance belongs to Him. But because it belongs to Him, this does not mean that we sit passively by, watching others being unjustly treated or allow ourselves be mistreated-------we do our part and God will do His......

It also means that we "only" do our part and not frustrate ourselves in trying to do God's part too. How many times do I have to keep reminding myself of this!? Too many to count, let me say! Nevertheless, after we do all we know to do, then We simply wait upon The Lord...That's the hardest part isn't it? Though really it should be the easiest!

And like the Eagle from earlier this morning; I am reminded of Another Eagle that flutters and stirs up her Nest, Protectively Covering her Young ......Let's Stir up The godly Love within our Hearts for One another!------And that same beautiful majestic Eagle that Father God has likened us to. While Our Nation's Forefathers built this Nation upon Biblical principles and precepts and undoubtedly had taken from The Book of Isaiah when declaring the Eagle in representation of our Nation and its People and their indomitable beautiful spirit-----

When I look up at the sky of blue again, recalling the Eagle that was being attacked by those 3 old crows--------For but a moment, I feel a chill., we are being attacked and brought down by these enemies from within.....And the Battle starts here., we must rise to the challenge of adversity------- of injustice of any kind-------- having Zero Tolerance for Injustice, Discrimination, Mistreatment of any.

Let us not become so weary In well-doing, then, let us remember those who spitefully and unjustly mistreat us.......just as there is a Season for old satan, there is also a Season for the wicked as well and in God's timing their lamp will be put out. Instead PRAY for them!....For they will surely need it!

For God is my Present Help in times of trouble.....Who Can Withstand The Hand of GOD!?----- PEOPLE, this Nation must turn its heart and eyes back to GOD,, Before it's too late........ It is then......and Only then.....We shall Overcome......... Let's PRAY for One Another and this Nation..

Until then,

May The Good Lord bless, guide, protect and keep You

keep a rainbow in your pocket and a smile in your heart

Monday, May 7, 2012

An Unseen Hand

Good Morning Bloggers;

I hope that with this latest and newest post, All are doing quite well.
Can You believe this beautiful Spring!? How I love this time of the year!----Every thing so green and growing.----Trees, flowers, shrubbery, animals. There's something so beautiful, innocent when watching a little calf frolicking so playfully in a field or a colt trying its wobbly gangly legs for the very first time. Or a rabbit hopping along, Frogs singing they're songs just down the lane at the nearby pond. Or the long mournful yet hauntingly beautiful Night song of the Whippoorwill----It seems to go on endlessly through the night....Just last night I sat outside on the porch swing for the longest time, listening to not only one but several Whippoorwills, they suddenly flew off in the distance leaving one to continue serenading me for the next hour or so, until I became sleepy and retired for the evening.

It's raining here in the Mountains of Kentucky this early morning. Yesterday evening, I took a short nap, "Power naps" as we now call them. Funny how only a few short years ago, they were simply called a "Cat nap" I will have a very busy Monday afternoon, but couldn't sleep at the moment and while I had a few minutes I wanted to share a new post.
A few years ago, I wrote a Poem titled, "Ride Out The Storm" Perhaps a little later I'll share it.
It seems these days my posts are so few and far between. Hoping this will change at some point in the near future.
Yet in-between the busyness of the weeks, months I would enjoy adding more and I'm sure I will as time goes on.
While I was sitting outside listening to the night sounds, my thoughts returned to the seriousness of my situation. I have been through many trials throughout my lifetime and try to look for the lesson in the adversity, the trial. Sometimes it's not always easy and sometimes there just aren't any answers. Perhaps many years later, we find ourselves still seeking, searching for those answers to our questions, yet none are forthcoming.

Ten years ago,  when I lost my husband in a wreck, my life was turned upside down.
 Life as I knew it, was now gone. It was devastating and what compounded the hurt was the bitterness, the hatred and anger, the greed of his extended family and the denial of  fault from my husband's former employer.  I suppose one could expect denial of any fault or wrongdoing from a company, but one's family?! Even to this day, they do not speak to me as though the wreck was somehow my fault.
 There were many details surrounding the wreck, I was not only  unjustly treated unfair, morally and ethically but legally as well,by both the company and my husband's family, there was also the very real possibility of  malfunctioning equipment being a contributing factor to the wreck, yet that same equipment was hidden then disposed of quickly afterward by the company my late husband had been employed.

Not only did this happen but the behavior of his family made matters so much worse.In addition to all of this; some very serious legal issues had arisen from seemingly out of nowhere involving a member of my own family. All was simply too much to deal with at one time. In other words, I had to choose my Battle and I chose to take a Stand and Fight for my family member in their own battle, even though, in the process it cost me my home, property and nearly every thing else as well.
Yet, I truly believe God does give back to His obedient children. He will give us Beauty for Ashes. He will re-pay, Vindicate His Own, in His own timing and in His Own way.

While in-between the almost nightmarish ordeal of helping my family member, was the devastation of losing my spouse, any one who has gone through such a loss, also knows how truly tragic it is and something one may accept with time, yet never get over. The profound loss will always be there, yet God is our Comforter, the Strength of our heart and portion forever!

During this time, I was having to endure and try to deal with  extremely malicious under-handed behavior from my husband's family, there were times, it was almost too much to bare. Yet, my Faith has been Strong. My Strength came from being down on bended knees in Prayer to My God and Creator. Someday very soon,  I plan to write a book detailing my experiences during my loss in the hope that it will help someone else and maybe prevent someone else from having to go through what I did.

In retrospection; looking back on such a tragic time in my life, I have wondered whether such behavior from my husband;'s family was really worth it? Oh, I know they gained monetarily without any doubt whatsoever. Yet,  there have been times, I have wondered  whether it is realized at the time.,and I'm sure most of the time it isn't, especially when those involved seem to lack any conscience whatsoever while caught up in the middle of the mistreatment of others.
Yet, someday Greed and its consequences will  be difficult to live with----regrets shall without a doubt be many, then again maybe not. But it doesn't really matter. I forgave them of their mistreatment of me. I Pray for them, for they surely need Prayer.
While I have my memories of my late husband and to me they are worth more than gold. They haven't many at all.....When the stories he told, sadly were not of too much laughter or happiness spent with his family.

Yet,  I have peace that comes only from a life lived in Jesus Christ,  I am satisfied with my life, enjoy many hobbies and most of all my Faith walk, my spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ. Certainly as a Christian; I desire an even closer walk still and  I also have the assurance that someday I will see my husband once more....Though a very sad circumstance to learn the ways of some people., it has not left me neither cyncical or the least bit jaded. Quite the contrary , I simply refuse to allow the viciousness and greed of others to make me angry or even bitter.

 Today, I strive toward being that much more kind to others, I try to help others in any way I possibly can.... I Love People! I seek friendships with those who have honest and loving hearts.Where there is mutual love, respect. Until that time I had not encountered such mistrust, such greed and malice.
It also hurt when there were attorneys I had retained to help me with the circumstances, yet they were uncaring and unkind and simply after what money they could possibly gain by trampling upon the legal rights of a devastated very young widowed woman.

Though I do not visit my late husband's family even now, after the years have went by., when I see them at a distance whether it's out shopping or briefly in passing on a street. I see tired faces, worry and stress in they're eyes. Perhaps they have faired quite well financially, yet spiritually, emotionally it's very doubtful and I am very sorry for them and as I continue to Pray for them, my Faith is released and I know it is all in God's Hands.

Even now,  I still haven't all  the answers, the "why" of it all.,  yet through Faith and Trust in God, I have accepted that His Sovereign Will be done. There is something about knowing deep down inside within our Spirit, in our hearts that our times are in God's Hands, Our very lives are safe and secure with Him. When we accept Jesus Christ as The Lord and Savior of our lives, we receive His Salvation and He lives within our hearts. It's like we're saying, admitting, knowing " OK I Know You are God, and I Know You are in Control------I am trusting You, Lord to Work it All Out Somehow......Because it's in You're Word and It is True that You have a Good Plan for my Life, no matter what has happened, what has been done, What evil has occurred to try to Destroy Your Children, You Have it All Covered.

What absolute Blessed Assurance it is in knowing this!-------and by the way, the family member who found themselves in their own terrible battle back then, came through the battle with flying colors!------Yet, today this same precious yet misguided family member has managed to land themselves once again into some hot water and once again I seem to have been nominated to come to the rescue at the expense of being falsely accused myself. Yet, this time, the circumstances are much different, I am not devastated by the loss of my beloved, I am not going through several situations as during that time, and it's somewhat of a strange thing, remember when I mentioned at the beginning of this post? "Sometimes we must pick our battles"....

One of the attorneys who was involved in the legal case all those years ago, whom I felt was also very much aware and involved in the unjust treatment?-----is also involved in this case with my family member.
Circumstances are as it may be, with the recent false accusations made against me, they have simply cost the company of whom they are representing, a great deal by making such false statements public.
Yes, God will Vindicate His Children whom Love and Serve Him When the innocent are being unjustly treated..... once is too much, yet a second time!? The Creator of heaven and earth will not sit idly by and watch His children be destroyed.

A little more about my background; Since the age of six years old, I "knew" God existed,  sometimes when I think about it, I find it quite amazing that a six year old, could be play- riding on a toy horse, then look around and suddenly have many very substantial logical questions ......When a very real knowing that Someone Created every thing!.......I "Knew" He is real......Yes indeed, The REAL Deal----when I was eight, I began attending church with my family and was Saved. At the age of twelve, I was Baptized. Furthering, Strengthening, Deepening my Spiritual Faith Walk with Jesus Christ.. I'd be the first one to admit, I fall short of His glory, almost daily. Yet, I Love Him, He Loves me in spite of my shortcomings, my failings, my faults,,  I am a Work in Progress....His Masterpiece, we all are......His Greatest Creation!

 I Place my Faith and my Trust in Him..........The Unseen Hand leading Guiding, Giving me His Peace imparting His Love, His Joy into my heart........ Simply because You cannot see Him, Doesn't mean He isn't there, Friends.
You Cannot see the Wind blowing can You?------ Yet You can see the leaves on the trees move, the trees themselves bend in the Wind. So it is with Him, and His Holy Spirit, We know not where it comes from Yet, He is here, His Everlasting Love is True and Precious......

Last night, I thanked Him for the Song of the Whippoorwill, for the joy and serenity it brought me.
For His Love and Peace I felt., in spite of the very troublesome events and circumstances surrounding the legal battle my family member has been involved in and perhaps unwittingly involved me, placed somewhere in the middle of it all. In the midst of the false accusation the adversity turmoil and trial, I Know God hears my Prayers, He has me Covered and He is in Control., He will take what is meant for my harm and work it out for my Good. We do our part, all that we know to do, then simply stand still and wait upon the Lord to move in His time.

The Lord speaks to us, to our hearts in so many many ways.
Through His Word, through His Creation, through other godly people, I've been told that some have heard an audible voice. That would simply be too Awesome for Words, indeed! Yet, most of the time we hear Him speak to our hearts, to our conscience in that Precious still small voice... and our Heart Hears His Loving Kindness.,as He extends His Mercy and His Grace With arms opened wide; an invitation welcoming all who will come and receive Him. His Love and Light is Eternal and that Light Guides me..
Come what may, tomorrow....that Unseen Hand is leading guiding, Protecting and I am Safe under those mighty Wings..
And to use a poem by the named author below:

~*An Unseen Hand*~

~There is an unseen hand that pilots me
Guiding my boat upon life's troubled seas
When the waves so high billow

O' how they roar
I feel an Unseen Hand
A gentle touch once more

Leading me on
Showing me the way
Safely to shore
There is the light of day

For my Savior, Lord Jesus
 It is He who leads me on
Guiding my boat safely toward Home
 Copyright ©2012  S.A. Lawson

Until next time, may The Love of The Good Lord, Lead Guide Protect and Keep You

Monday, February 20, 2012

A Celebration of Life----Remembering Whitney Houston

A Celebration of a Life------Remembering Whitney Houston

~My Thoughts for the Day~
First; I would like to say, in these past few days, I've been busy with schedules, meetings, appointments--- deadlines
and haven't had the opportunity to post as much as I would like.
there has been much stress I've had to deal with concerning some issues that involve both my mama as well as my older brother.

 It would seem in the former small hometown where I grew up;  there is much corruption taking place there.  When 2 of my family members are being targeted.----- Certainly from a spiritual viewpoint, it is an attack orchestrated  from the adversary......With Faith and Prayer, I am given the strength I need and these past months, I have requested prayer and continue to do so on behalf of my mother and brother.  Though with these issues, I haven't a great deal of time to make blog posts.

I'm not sure why, my mother and brother are being so mother is a genteel lady and my brother has always been my hero, he still is----Yet, both my he and my brother are being falsely accused and are in the middle of  separate legal battles......and still I believe there are those in "smalltown" USA whom wish they could be the person that my brother never ceases to amaze me the jealousy, envy and malice of some. My mother's battle is involving foreclosure and the sale of her home and property from a Bad mortgage company that many are facing in this country. We are doing all we possibly can to try to save and retain our mother's home. Needless to say it has been an extremely difficult time and  a time of which if it werre not for my Faith, I simply could not endure. My request for those whom do pray and have a personal relationship with The Lord, please remember my mother and brother in Your prayers..

People need God in they're lives and instead of persecuting innocent people., they need to go after those who are creating the "real" harm. Those whom attack children, molesting them, abducting and murdering them. The officials need to use and appropriately manage the tax payers dollars wisely., and funding should be invested and go toward putting they're time and energy into

apprehending the "Real" Criminals instead of seeking to destroy the lives of elderly genteel ladies and they're adult son and or other adult children whom are simply standing by and honoring they're parents as is one of the commandments in the Holy Bible.. those same Ten Commandments that not more than a few years ago were arguably debated over, when the Right was Challenged to Keep the Ten Commandments on display in my former hometown.

I recall the townspeople and those in public service conducting business from the courthouse, took a stand and fought to keep the Plaque containing God's Ten Commandments hanging inside the lobby of that same courthouse--------My experiences when living in the city when you are born and raised in rural small town America, can be difficult at its very best. --------Being  far-removed from the big city and its issues with drugs, murders, crime, gangs, abuse of power and authority.......And yet, it would seem Big City, corruption  has infiltrated the very heartbeat of  quaint small country towns across this entire nation and sadly has found its way into my former hometown.

What is so wrong with this country; this nation, has its people forgotten what Love means?. For it seems there isn't any respect any more....Prayer taken out of the schools, was simply the beginning of a nation in crisis., there is not any respect for the Family as a unit any longer.....Family values are neither appreciated or respected any longer....I must ask; People of this Nation have we forgotten God!!? The Bible warns those who forget Him., however this is for another post. I simply wished to explain why I had not made a recent post in a few weeks.

For these few moments that I do have to spare at this late hour, I thought I would share my thoughts on the passing of Whitney Houston.The sadness I feel at her passing....... Like many; I watched the viewing, the "Going Home Celebration" that was available to the fans around the world, I watched the service in its entirety via CNN. It was inspirational, touching, encouraging and at times heartbreaking.

The encouragement came from those singing, CeCe and BeBe Winans, and they're Brother Reverend Marvin Winans offered words of comfort to Whitney Houston's family. Faith and Hope demonstrated through the words of Tyler Perry were awesome and that of Bishop TD Jakes and R. Kelly, Kim Burrell. Clive Davis; certainly a man who clearly loved and respected his Protege' Dionne Warwick's powerfully moving recitation of "Don't Grieve for me" It was truly a service that will be remembered.
There has been so much coverage from the nearly 4 hr service to past media coverage, from several years ago and the latest media and the videos ,photographs. I'm sure there will be much more to come., both good and bad.

Earlier I heard a spokesperson from Entertainment Tonight state that Whitney Houston, is possibly worth more dead than alive. And that she would be remembered for her so very sad!----When clearly; She was more than a voice..... There have been rumors and more rumors that she was broke., .....wouldn't some in the media love that if that were true!? so jaded, cynical ----------
I also watched a Bio of her life on Lifetime Saturday night and the individuals interviewed, were both spiteful, malicious. and extremely scornful, needless to say; I was highly disappointed that Lifetime television would have chose to air something such as the program, it was clearly in very poor taste and certainly in my mind would not represent a Biography to me, more like a Bashing contest back and forth from the individual who claimed a Biography on Whitney Houston and the person involved in music and entertainment, sad indeed!......

 CNN reported Sunday ; Whitney was lay to rest beside her dad, during a private ceremony for the family only and the media has already began with so much negativity., "Inquiring Minds" want to know how much is Whitney's daughter going to get.....what was Whitney really worth? Clearly someone who could put a price upon the life of a dear precious loved one, has not suffered loss, for it is great-----
What is wrong with some people!!?....Her family doesn't need to hear all of this from the media........I couldn't believe such a comment, a statement as that. How so callous uncaring, thoughtless., and yet isn't that Show Biz. And I believe it was show biz that took its toll on Whitney Houston.

I think in a lot of ways Whitney Houston was tired of all the exposure, it was evident in one of her interviews as far back as 1992 during the making of "The Bodyguard" in particular with Co-star director; Kevin Costner. I believe she cared about her fans but didn't care for all the media exposure, the prying into her private life the constant  extremely critical comments, clearly she must have had some enemies envious of her success.

Personally I thought Whitney was a truly First class lady and too classy for Bobby Brown who Whitney had stated herself in an interview., apparently Brown was envious of her successful music and acting career as well at times his behavior could easily be interpreted as extremely vindictive and vengeful.......I am simply stating my opinion, I hope Brown gets his life together....though still they seemed a mismatched couple, yet it must have been obvious at one time they loved one another and created a beautiful child together----however it wasn't so obvious to the rest of the world....But perhaps this is where we should keep our opinions to ourselves (?)......Nevertheless it seemed she was also involved in other projects, the movie Sparkle and the theatre as well and was ready for a comeback after her absence of several years.
It's the negativity and degradation of her memory I find difficult  to hear, when some  were saying that her looks were gone, her voice was strained. I didn't see that her looks had went any where!.....Ah, where did they go!? Other than the fact, she was older, yet still too young to leave us as she 48 years old.....Ah, yes Youth!....Of course she was not going to look as she did when she was 18, 25, 28, 35 ------neither 43 years old. None of us do or will for goodness sake!
I am not in any denial here, I think Whitney was very candid when she discussed and shared with Oprah Winfrey, Diane Sawyer and Barbara Walters in separate interviews at different times, regarding issues with alcohol, prescription medication and even a cocaine addiction.

Yet I also believe she was ready to face those issues and it was going to take being strong and a lot of work.--------- At this time until we hear from the media about the toxicology results which will not be back until 2 to 6 weeks. We aren't going to know what caused Whitney's passing, yet media was certainly stretching to have gotten a glimpse and those photographs of her lifeless form in which I thought was morbid and extremely disrespectful for not only Houston's memory but the feelings that of her family and close friends.

My favorite songs that she sang, "I Love the Lord" I Look to You", "All at Once", "The Greatest Love of All" and The Beautiful Legendary Country Music Singer; Dolly Parton's, "I will Always Love You"   Speaking of, earlier tonight Twitter was all a'flutter with Tweets from those who thought it unfair that Dolly Parton would profit from Whitney Houston's death due to the obvious sales of Dolly Parton's Song, "I will Always Love You" in which was quite popular, presented and performed equally as beautiful when Dolly Parton sang it in the late 1970's. I'm not even sure why the statement was posed in the first place.....jealousy, envy ....resentment perhaps? When there were those from Black Media Scoop on Twitter and Facebook complaining that Parton would receive all the money while
Whitney Houston's estate would not receive a dime and how they thought Dolly Parton should donate the proceedings from the sales to Whitney Houston's estate or to a charity. How strange is that!? Talk about a guilt-trip..Would they!?....Would they donate money for something they  had created from their heart....their life experience?-------and how unfair is such a question as it is anyway!?--------Apparently there must have been some conflict in the past and I did hear at the memorial service in which I thought was not spoken in fairness and should not have been mentioned at all., when someone stated and I paraphrase:

Whitney Houston took a Country song and made it famous....Nevertheless, that "Country song" in reality and legally remains; the song that which was solely penned and written by Dolly Parton and she retained not only the Royalities but the Publishing rights and therefore the profit is rightfully hers as it should be as such, it's as simple as that.
And though Whitney sang some beautiful songs, I don't believe I have heard her producers/ publicists say that she penned, had written any songs, herself. And I would like to believe that she would have been appalled at the mentioning of something such as this in regard to Legendary Icon and rightfully a Diva herself; Dolly Parton....Why should there be such contraversy, when it's evident the song was, is and always will be; Dolly Parton's.

While furthermore., truly it is sad how there are those who attempt to cut-down, degrade........then dissect and malign someone's memory after they have passed. A writer for People Magazine did as such during her interview as well and frankly I will not be buying any more "People's Magazine"
I believe Whitney is at rest, the media need to let it go and stop the degradation of her memory...instead be thankful

God gave her to the world for a while, sharing her special Gift with us...celebrate her life, her "Going Home" and not attempt to dehumanize it.....viciously picking apart her character.....instead of dwelling on one's shortcomings, the failings........ failings. and we've all got them.....we all Fall short of God's Glory every day....instead, why not concentrate on a person's goodness.....their Uniqueness, their contribution....... their beauty, their blessed we are as a nation to have been a part of something beautiful wonderful--------this should also be something that we can all learn from as well.......hopefully-------there is human weaknesses in all of us......

But we have  a Heavenly Father to help strengthen us when we stumble, too. He is there Waiting.....waiting with arms outstretched open wide, inviting us to partake of His everlasting Love of His Salvation....Why not open up our hearts to receive Him.......As One minister stated plainly, why put it off until tomorrow?-----What if our tomorrow beings today?........ I for one believe that Whitney Houston was a child of God in spite of any shortcomings and I believe she was received into His the strains from that old Hank Williams song, comes to mind....."Unless you've made no mistakes in you're life, be careful of the stones that you throw"

Rest in God's Love, Whitney Houston.........

Until next time, Blessings~

Saturday, January 7, 2012

~The Old Porch Swing~

~Looking for good conversation? Needing a little encouragement? Come on in sit a while~
Christmas has come and gone, the New Year has arrived and with it thoughts of goals, plans resolutions and dreams for a brand new beginning, a fresh start.
I've been making my plans for quite some time now, plans and hopes for  finishing another degree and starting that long-awaited dream of writing a book, several books in fact. My interests and subjects vary from adult inspiration to children's stories. I have plenty of ideas for both. I began writing as a child at the age of 8 years old. Summers spent at Grandma's house, writing underneath the Old White Pine or Weeping Willow trees. Writing out in the backyard of my parents home, while my brothers busied themselves playing with their Tonka trucks and other toys, or playing Cowboys and Indians.

 Wasn't life so much simpler back then? I can recall Grandma's Old Porch Swing where aunts would sit and swing, and the rythmic sway would lull me to sleep as a young child. Company would come and most of the time those visiting would head toward that old porch swing.

 Thoughts of  those wonderful bygone days now bring a smile. It seemed that swing possessed a little magic all its own. Family and friends a like would gather around with Grandma's Homemade biscuits and preserves or Brown soup beans with sauerkraut with wieners, fried potatoes and cornbread and could my Grandmother bake cornbread! All that down home good Southern Comfort food, Mmm all the aromas coming from her kitchen were simply divine :) Just before Christmas;  I had an appointment in a neighboring city, certainly it isn't the size of  Lexington or Louisville, but it's a nice size and has a variety of shops, restaurants, malls. Including two fairly large medical plazas, and two hospitals within a short driving distance of each other.

 After visiting my medical practioner, I ran a few other errands while there, did some shopping and then stopped at a smaller restaurant close to the Ohio River. In fact I could see the river while looking out the windows  while I was waiting for my lunch. I had placed a small order of fried apples with my waitress and when she brought my plate, I tried the apples and found them to be nothing like my grandmother had once made. Before thinking I voiced my distaste out loud when an older lady behind my table overhearing, replied. "There aren't too many people who can cook the way Grandma did." She said with a huge smile lighting up her face.

 When I turned around feeling rather sheepish, she smiled at me I grinned and replied. Yes, it is very true, my grandmother had spoiled me I guess. She said there was nothing like a grandmother's love with a little wistful smile. I agreed with her., wishing her a good day as I got up to pay for my half-eaten meal, leaving the restaurant for my long drive back to the cabin here in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains of Kentucky. Making my way over rough mountainous terrain, at last turning down the long graveled driveway, I could see my own porch swing here at the cabin.
I got out of my four-wheel drive pickup,  glancing around, turning the key., I put my packages inside the kitchen door, then went back outside sitting for a few minutes on the porch swing, remembering.....simply remembering.  family, friends neighbors come to visit., they can sit in my own swing, feeling the genuine warmth and welcoming anytime.  If you are feeling a little discouraged, if you are looking for good conversation.,
Here you will find there is peace and serenity....It's a place of encouragement, uplifting----
Come on in, sit with me a while....

Be encouraged & be blessed~

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

~* Every One Needs a Hero*~

When just babies; we lived with our maternal grandmother until we were 5 and 7 years old....
Summers spent playing in the vegetable garden. Little child adventures hiding and playing in the old grape arbor or late in the evening as the the song of a Meadowlark in the distance. While resting after a long day of play underneath the shade of an Oak tree, or  listening to the melody the  wind would make through the White Pines down a country lane. During soft Summer nights sitting on the porch swing hearing the serenade of a Whippoorwill that would rival any New York or Boston Symphony, and no sound could be any sweeter. 

 You taught me how to throw and skip rocks into the small pond down the hill from the farm gate. How to bait a hook for my fishing pole....As I recall the distinct smell of Pine cones and the soft feel of Pine needles underneath our feet. Apple pie baking in the oven....the aroma of  cinnamon when Grandma would bake .... The scent of her prized and cherished roses drifting on the Summer breezes. The taste of green apples in June......Sitting in the garden eating red ripe tomatoes, feeling the dirt warmed from the sunshine between our toes.....Lying on our backs counting all the stars we could see up in the sky at night.--------That old red wagon we played on. The trip down the back steps of the basement!...I still recall how that among many more adventures must have been a close one---- how we must have given our Guardian Angels pause to stare in astonishment!

Grandma would can for the Winter months ahead, and we would sneak into the kitchen, somehow opening the canning jar of delicious sauerkraut, eating our fill until it seemed we would burst the buttons on our soft denim trousers. Winters seem so long in Kentucky and we spent them sledding over the hill by Grandma's house....that carhood just wasn't "fast" enough, no we were after speed,  oh, the thrill seekers we were!.....the clear vivid memory of  nearly flying over that hill and flying we nearly did, too!  When we traded that old carhood for the car's windshield! It isn't any wonder we were not injured or worse!  At Grandma's; Aunts, cousins, uncles, we all gathered together, and had such a fantastic time.....memories to last for a lifetime., indeed.

Those same memories remind me of Christmas time. of the laughter in the kitchen, every one talking, laughing at the same time. Gathering at the dinner table;some of the chairs were red, still I remember while there was also a long bench that could seat at least 25 people all at once on either side of the table if necessary. The same table that to, little children seemed so huge!---- O what a time that was. Those days now  gone though not forgotten.

Occasionally we see an aunt an uncle or a cousin, though we never visit.  So terribly sad that it is, when the family chain is broken, when a loved one is called Home to Heaven, it just isn't the same,  and even though it shouldn't be this way,  family doesn't seem to visit one another as they once did. I believe that our loved ones who have gone on Home would rather that we all remain close. Sometimes it does not seem real that Grandmother has been gone now for 26 years. Those years, how they have went by so quickly, now.
When mom met dad, we went to stay with mom. Now that our children are grown, I see the hurt in mom's eyes at times when we all leave and now realize how our leaving when we were children must have broke grandmother's heart,  yet we always tried to visit her as much as we possibly could.

 Throughout the years, my memories were filled of you always being there for me, always protective always watching after me. I don't ever remember you ever crying or complaining one time when we were disappointed because of some thing we wanted but maybe  didn't receive at the time.  Days were filled with school and plans for our futures, what we were going to do and be when we grew up.
 the studious type each evening; I spent in our backyard at the concrete table, I was busy dreaming and  writing of faraway places I wanted to visit. Loving animals,  I wanted to be a journalist; a writer and in a position to help others. You always loved sports, westerns, working with your hands.

As I  recall with vivid detail; the hours spent in our living room floor at our old homeplace watching Bonanza, The Virginian or High Chapperal. Westerns we could barely remember our uncles would watch while we lived with Grandmother. Our baby brother enjoyed playing with tonka toys, dozers, backhoes, loaders dumptrucks and today he does just that, He's a contractor, is president and ceo of a drilling and construction company. Quite proud of him we both are.

When you and I were in our  early teens, during the Summer months you often helped dad in his own construction business working so hard for a boy of only 8 to 16 years old. Then at times you would go visit a friend helping him at he and his wife's farm working just as hard there, too.  We often had talks about what we were going to do, places we would someday visit. Sometimes you struggled in school. I remember mom transferring us to another school due to the fact your teacher was extremely unprofessional and so derrogatory, devastatingly insulting to well as some of the local area kids being downright vicious and mean to us,.

The only emotion I recall feeling at the time after hearing about what had been said to you, Anger was what I felt,......anger and disappointment that a teacher who was supposed to be an adult, the example....who was supposed to "Do unto others as You would have others do unto you"  those were the first words I saw when entering Mary Alice Jayne's 1st grade class, and I couldn't help but wonder why your teacher had been so cruel to you.....When you were such a great kid, always laughing never complaining never disrespectful to any one......

 When you were only 14 years old,  I remember you and dad had drove to town. I recall the day very well, because it was mom's birthday and the year was 1978.
I remember thinking it sure seemed like a long time that you and dad had been gone and in fact it was after 10:00pm when you did return. At the time we lived in a rural region of the county, about 7 miles from our old hometown. It was during a drive toward town to run an errand for mom, you and dad came upon a horrific accident. There had been a woman with a baby and small children in her car and a man and two young men in the other vehicle,  9 people altogether.

I recall Dad saying that you just wouldn't give up on those people......The steering wheel had been bent over the woman driving, one of the car's and with the strength of God's Mighty Angels behind you., You bent that steering wheel back into the dashboard with both hands, pulling the woman free from the car, then the little baby and the other children. By this time the local police and state police,  arrived on the scene demanding that you and dad stay away from the cars. Screaming at you and dad telling you the cars were going to explode to get back!

 Yet had you left the other people in the other car they would have surely died. Although sadly one of the men did pass away from the initial impact, there were still people severely injured in the car. You got the other two young men out of the burning car just moments before it exploded bursting into flames engulfing the entire vehicle and the other one as well. When you came home with dad that night, your clothing was so bloody, you were covered from your head to your feet in blood, yet you saved the lives of those people.

Then within a few years later you attempted to save the life of a man who had suffered a massive heart-attack. You and dad were together that night as well and he said you didn't want to give up on that man, you worked with him until the EMT's arrived and they said there was nothing more any one could do. You tried and did more than a lot could have or would have done., yet I know that it bothered you for many years afterward because you felt that you couldn't help that man.

When in the 7th grade you began playing Varsity football for our old school. You were big for your age and with the strength of Hercules it seemed. You became our school's star athlete; a Track star Champion, a  Running back, Fullback. From 7th grade until You graduated, You had the speed of a scatback some Sports announcers said in their radio broadcasts. In 1982 before your highschool graduation, You were named Mr Football, Mr County, Kentucky Conference Champion in Field and Track and Football.....

You lead the school 's Football Team in Total Yardage and Total Shut-outs when the opposing team did not gain even so much as one point. This was You and Your team's goal, to not allow any opposing team to make any score points during Your final year in highschool and this was accomplished of course because you were the star athlete.  Giving credit where credit is due., there were some fine atletes on the varsity football team without any doubt at all  however You were the Champion; a Star by far!!-------I recall nicknaming You.....and had Your jersey number on the back of a tee-shirt, this same tee,  I wore, reserved special only to wear to all your games----- and it stated that I was Your Sis. It brings a smile just remembering...

Indeed, I saved all the newspaper articles and clippings as well as other newspaper articles and our own school newspaper and booklet for the football team, I wanted to be a part of the school newspaper yet it seemed there was never any room on the school paper for another "writer hopeful".Yet I was simply content to collect all the news and reviews of your success, no one could have been any prouder. Many people had said you could be an NFL Candidate with the right backing.

After graduation; You were ready to select a college or university attending a university on a full football scholarship when once again you were insulted by some uncaring thoughtless teacher in reference to some of your grades. Strange these same individuals didn't seem to care or mind at all in the least at the time while you were leading the team to the Championships in field and track and football,  bringing prestige and honor., putting the school, the county and the town on the map! ---------Quite the contrary I say!!-----

During Your Senior Banquet in 1982; The local Veteran's Post Honored you with Heroism for your selfless brave act of saving the lives of all those people when you were but a child in 1978.-------- I've often wondered why it took so long?   You were presented with a plaque.....

Throughout the years, when I moved away from our hometown, traveling extensively to many different states, we have remained in touch and have always been close. Rather then continue to play football you chose to begin working in the construction and engineering field.
Land excavation with D-9 Bulldozers; earth movers as I have often referred those huge dozers, in logistics and drilling.

The father of three children now grown. Two daughters and a son. I don't think I have ever seen a better Dad that You are and have been to your children,  and under the circumstances., though your two marriages failed, you however did not fail your children, you have always been there for them. Yes while I may be prejudice, after all the same blood that flows through your veins, is flowing through mine....yet I have always been one to call things as I see them and the Truth shall stand when the world is on fire., Grandmother would always say and she also said, "Plain words are easy understood"-------

I always felt that You have a heart of  pure gold. Always quick to help others in need, a smile for others, always laughing, fun-loving, certainly Your kindness and caring has shown and speaks for itself.
A living testimony to what a wonderful person; a good decent loving caring man, father, brother, son You truly are......

You once asked me when would the hurt go away after being nearly crushed by past hurt and now the present hurt in your life.
You asked me for my advice......What do You do?

My Brother

This is the very best I can give you.....from my heart:

 We don't always have the answers to the why of some things in life....and yet I do know this,  there is the assurance that God has a GOOD plan for each of our lives who truly Love and serve Him.

God does not lie and He keeps every one of His Promises and His Word says: He will take a terrible situation that the old adversary has meant for our harm and He will turn it around and work it all out for our Good, Amen!?---------My Brother; my Hero, simply there are those who wish they were only but half the person You are, how Good would they truly be and how well off would they be!?-------- In the midst of Your pain, do not forget, Our God has not abandoned you!.....He will go with you through the fire and not one hair on your head shall be singed....This too shall pass.....For storms do not last and once again the sun will be shining!

Remember; there are those in life who mean well....they have good intentions, not all people are horrible, terrible., for there is still some Good people.....and I still believe in the Power of Love.....I believe it is stronger than any force on can overcome evil with its Goodness......There are those kind loving people who seek to help others, who want to be a blessing, do well, succeed in life and or strive to do so....... There are those who Care!

Just be ready and able to distinguish the Good from the bad, the wheat from the tares.....While there is good., there are also those who would try to deceive you..... they  attempt to hide behind a facade.....

Always maintain a healthy positive balance in your life and know the difference...

 When you stand up for what you believe in.......

there are going to be those who respect you......who like you

Then, there are going to be those who hate and envy you because of what you stand for.......

There are those who have now accused you of a horrible thing, when in my heart I know better.....God is Loving,  just and righteous, He will not see His children be destroyed! ............God will see you through------do not fret or worry even concern yourself for their evil.......for even that old adversary satan the devil has but a limited time; a season for which to do his evil.......he will use others., to try to bring ruination upon our lives, simply because  he knows envy, inferiority, low self-esteem, malicious jealousy is within their hearts to begin with....those who abuse others, attempt to lie, oppress, accuse and bring havoc, pain and suffering upon others----------- Always remember., we all shall reap what we sew

Let's make certain ours is a GOOD harvest in the end........

Keep on living Your life and doing Good as You always have done

Trust in The Lord my Brother....hold fast to His precepts, as I pray for your sustaining Faith  strength and wisdom and He will keep You upon the right path..-------rest assured, He will vindicate You!

I Love you my Brother.......

tomorrow is a new day!

Blessings always~

~An Old-fashioned Christmas in the Mountains~

       It's cold here in the mountains of Kentucky tonight.  It's been a while since my last post....been a little sidetracked due to appointments and other things that seem to come up.
 I just came inside to check on a roast I've had in the oven for the past couple hrs. Should be done and ready to serve! I can't wait....I'm famished!-----Been having a small problem with some coyotes tonight, they seem to be gathering closer. Since the weather is beginning to get colder now, I've been seeing more animals closer to the cabin. I've been trying to keep my dogs closer to home. As I was walking up the steps to the porch I noticed the light in my Nativity. We just finished the 4x 10 manger yesterday evening and are planning to work on Mr. and Mrs. Snowman before Christmas.

With all the decorations, I've had for several years now, I placed them in different locations here at my home.   Every where you look, Christmas is in the air! Isn't that nice!? Though it would seem there are some who are not as excited to celebrate Christmas. For various reasons I suppose. Tonight my mind and heart is filled with thoughts of my family and of friends near and far. What Christmas really means for me. Just the other day while shopping for a 2nd smaller tree for my  cabin here in the mountains, I overheard someone say they hated Christmas & wished the holidays were over soon.

    It seemed sad really, the question remained, why would someone hate could any one hate Christmas for that matter? What could be so terrible about Christmas?! Nothing as far as this blogger is concerned. Everything about Christmas is wonderful!---- Christmas is a time for Romance a time for appreciation, for Love for gathering of family and of friends, gift giving, and it doesn't have to be the most expensive gift....there is the joy of Christmas caroling, the Christmas movies, Children's laughter, for counting one's blessings. Personally I have made it more than a "Family Tradition" to appreciate all the blessing God has bestowed upon me, upon my family. To try not to take for granted the most important people and things in my life., to appreciate all the goodness of God.  I am thankful; grateful that He sent His Only begotten son; The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; a King of all Kings, yet He came as a little babe, not in riches or glory but in humility in a manger in the City of David, in Bethlehem. Wisemen followed a star and today wise men are still following, searching, seeking out, The Savior.

With all the stress people feel during this time of the year, the pressure to buy this or that, pressure to over- spend in an already compromised economy, with all this rushing around, With the retail prices the bargains the deals,  have we forgotten what Christmas is really all about? When people should be relaxing enjoying the peace, the joy of this beautiful Season. Whatever happened to an Old-fashioned Christmas? That's what I have here in the mountains. Friends and neighbors gather together for a huge bon-fire a few days before Christmas, we make homemade Chili, peanutbutter sandwiches, Hotdogs with homemade sauce.  We go for an old-fashioned hayride throughout the valley. then, we roast marshmellows, smores. Sending out a few Christmas greeting cards, buying a few gifts for family and a friend or two. Having a small turkey breast and or a ham or maybe both for dinner with all the trimmings included. With leftovers to enjoy for at least 3 more days!

I do not do well with stress and I seem to deal with it enough throughout the year, therefore during Christmas a most Special Season, I try my very best to relax.....enjoy the season remembering it for what it truly is; a time for appreciate the very 1st Christmas Gift; The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ...a time for gathering with family and friends in appreciation.

I hope this Christmas, it's meaning is a little clearer for all of us.

May Yours be a Blessed and most Joyous one.

Blessings always~

Thursday, October 6, 2011

~The Promise Keeper~

                                                 ~The Promise Keeper~