Wednesday, May 16, 2012

On Wings of an Eagle

Good evening dear Bloggers;

I thought I would give an update on what all has been going on with my Mama's case Obviously there's been much on my mind and much I've been having to deal with, I've had a great deal to do involving my state's goverment and legislature regarding this pull up a chair, grab a soft drink or what You enjoy......sit down for a while, it's time to Relax......:). I think one of the greatest compliments I've received was when someone once said to me, they would love to come to my house and sit and listen to the stories that I tell. Little did they know, I felt the same way about their stories, too :)

Each night I sit here out on my porch swing listening to the song of a Whippoorwill......It's sound brings such enjoyment....words simply cannot express, I don't take its song for granted, neither the serenity and peace it brings....I'm a lone spectator here in my world as I watch silently one by one; the stars show up in the night sky....twinkling brightly far away as a warm breeze blows in through the cabin's entryway........My time alone with God, talking to my sister-in-law., and my animals bring me much comfort and consolation during this entire ordeal I've been enduring for a while now. 

There was a time I lived in the city and realized in a very short time, city life was not for me. Naturally, I enjoy the shops, the ballet, theatre, some opera, the restaurants, lights glitz and glimmer, and it's great to visit.......but to me personally nothing compares to watching a doe bending her graceful head to take a drink from a country stream, or watching a baby calf suddenly begin running kicking up its legs.....or watching as a colt tries its wobbly legs for the very first time. The fragrance of Honeysuckle on the vine....or the aroma of Lavender. Fresh Lettuce and tomatoes, warmed in the sunshine

Outside earlier, this morning, looking up at the beautiful blue of the sky, searching for that Eagle I've been seeing here in the mountains at my cabin home for the past few days. He's simply gorgeous! A few days ago, there were three crows chasing after him, While one was in the back of him, the other two were on each side, shrieking at him! Caw! Caw! Caw! I couldn't help but laugh, it looked so comical; 3 Old Crows chasing after such a majestic Eagle! Suddenly he turned on the crows, defending himself and his airspace, then, soared higher into the sky and flew on his merry way. Needless to say; the crows didn't follow after him, guess they knew better then to tangle with such a formidable foe. There's a few lessons in that.

While last week's hearing involving my mama, went ok actually it was better than I had anticipated really.. Although I'm still left with a lot of questions. Still, I am thankful for my mama's sake and I haven't any complaints with regard to the defense attorney representing her, not only is he a good decent morally upright man but a fantastic attorney, he's good at what he does., however I do question a judicial system that is so far behind the times and seemingly make up they're own laws rules and regulations. I read in a recent local forum that Kentucky "finally" outlawed rooster-fighting...Gee! We're catching up with the times! These so-called "kangaroo courts" not simply the county for which my mother was attending its court in session. 

It's hard not to be cynical especially when the other so-called "kangaroo" law and justice if one could call it a system., is a town you were once from, grew up with a great deal of its citizens or know a great majority on a first name basis, minus the local university's population of course. I was just discussing the other day with an attorney friend., after he had commented on the "nice" justice center in my old hometown.....I replied, didn't they mimmick the one where you spend a great deal of your time in court? Hmm, how it would seem the town builds an outrageously expensive justice building, then the local sheriff or police departments begin arresting people left and right or citing local folks, those tourists passing through and the university population for driving 5mph over the speed-limit, something is "WRONG" here!

While I'll be the first to admit, at times, it's difficult to endure when hearing such disparaging remarks whether from others here or outside the state while visiting., when Kentucky is my home, I love my state and its people, yet we are all in need of major changes in legislation to benefit All not simply a few!!

I've yet to learn as to whether or not the attorneys representing the companies who have sued my mother are still determined to continue their barrage of slanderous defamation of my character, integrity in their onslaught of publicly attacking my honor, while hurling public and written false accusations toward me to any one and every one whom will listen to them. It has become quite clear these attorneys for these companies are attempting to destroy my reputation.

Though I have been and am devastatingly hurt, deeply offended, the accusations are outrageous in the extreme and simply are not true. And though there are those whom know me, grew up with me or simply have been my neighbors or I have attended primary school, college or worked with them or attended church services with them., these are the people knowing I could never and neither would I ever, do what these attorneys are accusing me of. 

Yet, what about those whom do not know me?-----What about them? They don't know that I am a kind person whom cares so deeply for others. They do not know that my life speaks for itself. They do not know that because I am a Christian, have a personal relationship in my Faith-walk with Jesus Christ., knowing I must answer to my heavenly Father, I could never knowingly in good conscience commit a crime of any type much less deliberately hurt any one.

There have been many who have said to me that I am simply being naive. This is all a Money-game to those involved in this case. Stating that these attorneys and their companies they are representing simply could care less that I am innocent in all this--------They could care less that I have a reputation that comes from a lifetime of living Right before God and man. Yet, I have been informed that these attorneys have made their statements that they are going to destroy me!? This statement came from the attorney representing my mama in the civil case. There are two cases ongoing. 

Obviously, Greed plays a huge part in this entire travesty. It's what it's all about, "MONEY" There are some People who will Kill over money, for selfish gain for what they believe it will bring them. Honor, power, prestige? Yet, I ask them at what Price?---- Still, they will Lie, steal, cheat, whatever means necessary to achieve their goal., they simply could care less and without even so much as batting an eyelash, they will walk all over innocent people, falsely accuse them and it doesn't matter whether they hurt or destroy innocent lives to do so.

Talk about Injustice here!....It's enough to make one very Angry.....Outraged. When honest hard-working people out here keeping this country going, trying to save money to care for their families, for themselves and leave an inheritance for their children, are being taken advantage of by crooked insurance companies and financial lending companies and banks , who simply are practicing dirty underhanded business, doubling their profit by 

raising mortgage loan rates, bringing foreclosure, selling people's homes and the land they have worked and sweated to keep, leaving they and their families virtually homeless with no where to go just so these corrupt crooked companies can resale and "double dipping" on their profits....The economic situation has created such dire circumstances in this country, it has been seized upon by such opportunistic predators; these corrupt companies and many others who are taking advantage of this nation's citizens... 

And when we take a look even closer.,we will see that Racial and Discrimination issues are at a boiling point, personally, I believe that "slapping" a title on a group of people such as "Minority" is a type of Discrimination in itself. the working class are out of work, the price of gasoline and diesel are unbelievable and supposed to increase by Summer., food, groceries in stores are outrageously priced, household items have increased, mom and pop diners that have been open in little towns across this nation are closing their doors. 

Grocery stores, post offices------what are people to do? It becomes difficult to overlook when it comes down to putting food on the table for our families...when there is unfair pay for equal work between the sexes and has been ongoing for more than a century, there has been unfairness between the sexes since the beginning and there are always someone in there keeping it going as well....creating circumstances to keep one another at odds.....Every where we look the disease has spread a little more and little more, in a nation where discrimination of its citizens should never be tolerated, yet it is and it is having its devastating effects on families in this country at a staggering level, there is a rapid decline in morality, stress and its related physical effects is at an all-time high.

Domestic violence, Raping, killing, child abuse, and abuse of the elderly, drugs and alcohol abuse, poverty, poor housing, poor working conditions, those who come into this country, while I agree there should be jobs available to all who can and are able-bodied to work, yet many illegals coming into this country are unjustly being taken advantage of-----there is unspeakable human suffering, on every level, in the news media, turn on the television, the radio, on the internet, cell phones, horror-stories of human trafficking, animal abuse, little babies being sacrificed.......

Do we not hear the cries of the People-----of the Children!!!?----yet it seems there are those who are in authority who are trying to silence those very cries. .....What's this country coming to when honest hard working men and women cannot afford to own their own homes and land any more!? When they cannot trust their children playing down the street or out in their own backyards? What is to become of this Nation; America;, Land of The Free, Home of the Brave., that our women and men in the Armed Forces are fighting to keep it Free!?--------- Exactly what are they Fighting For?...when there are those who Care so little for others------- that they would Lie, steal, cheat and even kill to make their profits!?-------Would Someone tell me, Who is worried about Terrorists outside the Borders attacking this Nation.....Instead we must worry about the Enemies within!!!

The injustice and unfairness in our society is staggering., it's endless......Life is filled with unfairness. I could so easily become disheartened, discouraged from not only my own mistreatment in this situation and circumstances going on in my own life at this time and other family members, when sadly all I must do, look around and see such injustice happening all around me in my own community, my state, this Nation and in and throughout the world. 

Still, yet like the captain whose boat has been lost at sea; there seems to be a glimmer of light just up ahead----- In the midst of all this anguish-----the pain of seeing others being treated so unfairly----- I also see God's Love more clearly than ever....... when the nightmarish devastation of a tornado rips through a community leaving nothing but destruction in its aftermath or when flooding or hurricanes nearly destroy an entire state or a fire rages out of control, threatening homes and the very lives of its residents.

I see "LOVE in ACTION" I see neighbors and those from throughout the states helping one another, lending a hand. When I see people sharing, Caring for one another, offering comfort, encouragement bringing Food and Water......I see people standing together, helping One another through the after-effects. When I hear Mayors offer encouragement, a Prayer of Hope as when The Mayor of Tuscaloosa Alabama spoke to its citizens when a tornado destroyed much of their is then I feel a sense of pride----- of Hope renewed..

We are the PEOPLE of this's Our Nation and we must Take a STAND and Take it back!!!......Back when I was a youngster or as a dear family friend fondly refers my siblings and I as "Lil Youngins". I always enjoyed Westerns, John Wayne; The Duke will always be One of my Heroes along with his female Counterpart; Maureen O'Hara.....Some of my Favorites are also Sam Elliott, Ben Johnson, Clint Eastwood, Tom Selleck, James Arness, Lee Majors, Peter Breck, from The Big Valley and what die-hard Fan of Westerns could forget "Bonanza"....Ben, Hoss, Lil Joe and Adam, with their Co-stars Griff, Candy and Jamie. 

Certainly those whom know me best, are aware that even though I am "Mountain Folk" or from "The Mountains" I am unquestionably feminine, there's a softer side that likes enjoying the silk, lace and satin but be as it may; never judge a book by its cover either and with three Brothers, my Dad and my mama, and a brother and sister from my Dad's marriage., I grew up with the Mentality, When times get hard, we don't give up, we stay Strong...We "Roll up, our sleeves, Grit our teeth and Move on with it!" We ride out those storms of life----- I believe our Nation's people have this same mentality this innate, Strong spirit.. We will not be defeated!.....When our Nation was attacked during 9/11----Our People banned together and "Together" We Stood tall and Proud and Helped One another!------

Again, I am reminded of that Eagle I saw earlier this morning, Our Nation though she may have had a Broken Wing..... Its Strength is Renewed......and we will become Stronger......We may have done some fighting among ourselves in the past....but OUTSIDERS best leave us alone!-----First we begin with ourselves, We must ride out of our Towns, Cities, OUT of our Communities, States....these enemies...Ride them ALL out on a Rail!!! It's not so much of Who the enemies are------ but What the Enemies are

Our Enemies are: 

Apathy, Poverty, Discrimination, Prejudice, Bigotry, Hatred, Greed, Selfishness, Malice, Envy, Gossip, Lies, Cheating, Stealing, Slanders, Killing, Abuse, Dishonor, Disrespect, Dehumanizing, Prideful with Arrogance. Though the list seems endless....But it All begins with us.....Ourselves------Each one of us, can play a part, can get is not impossible to undertake this Battle and WIN!!! For ALL things are Possible with The Lord!!

Since man's Fall in the Garden of Eden, there has been Sin, there has been lying, stealing, cheating, killing.......God's Word says we are not to fret and be dismayed because of wickedness and evildoers... I read somewhere.....the sign, "Stay Calm, Read the Psalms" I liked that! So, instead of hitting the Panic button-------Like David, I will encourage myself--------I will continue to Help Others, Encourage Others.....Help in any way possible that I can....... I will strive that much more to be more Kind to Every One I meet..... I will Pray more......I will Look more to The One where my Strength comes from...... for I Know exactly to Whom I look., He is my Refuge, my Strong Tower, my Defense

I may not have all the answers as to the "Why" things happen....but I do have the blessed Hope, the Faith, and The Assurance that when they do happen......There is One who will never leave, neither Forsake Fact His promise is that He will be with me Always even until the end of time itself.

Now, isn't that reason enough to Celebrate!? Isn't that reason enough to rejoice!?------To shout, Hallelujah!!-----I can do my part in eradicating these enemies of humanity...... and when I feel discouraged.....All I need remember David's Son; Solomon once said, to everything there is a Season and a Purpose under heaven given by God Himself. It's reassurance in itself....that Our times are in His hands., and what a wonderful blessed feeling it is to know this when You are living in the center of a Loving God's will. 

What a Peace that passeth all understanding. He gives us the Peace we need and the Strength to walk on, keep going on our journey. He will Heal the broken- hearted, binding up they're wounds..... and He will Vindicate.....for Vengeance belongs to Him. But because it belongs to Him, this does not mean that we sit passively by, watching others being unjustly treated or allow ourselves be mistreated-------we do our part and God will do His......

It also means that we "only" do our part and not frustrate ourselves in trying to do God's part too. How many times do I have to keep reminding myself of this!? Too many to count, let me say! Nevertheless, after we do all we know to do, then We simply wait upon The Lord...That's the hardest part isn't it? Though really it should be the easiest!

And like the Eagle from earlier this morning; I am reminded of Another Eagle that flutters and stirs up her Nest, Protectively Covering her Young ......Let's Stir up The godly Love within our Hearts for One another!------And that same beautiful majestic Eagle that Father God has likened us to. While Our Nation's Forefathers built this Nation upon Biblical principles and precepts and undoubtedly had taken from The Book of Isaiah when declaring the Eagle in representation of our Nation and its People and their indomitable beautiful spirit-----

When I look up at the sky of blue again, recalling the Eagle that was being attacked by those 3 old crows--------For but a moment, I feel a chill., we are being attacked and brought down by these enemies from within.....And the Battle starts here., we must rise to the challenge of adversity------- of injustice of any kind-------- having Zero Tolerance for Injustice, Discrimination, Mistreatment of any.

Let us not become so weary In well-doing, then, let us remember those who spitefully and unjustly mistreat us.......just as there is a Season for old satan, there is also a Season for the wicked as well and in God's timing their lamp will be put out. Instead PRAY for them!....For they will surely need it!

For God is my Present Help in times of trouble.....Who Can Withstand The Hand of GOD!?----- PEOPLE, this Nation must turn its heart and eyes back to GOD,, Before it's too late........ It is then......and Only then.....We shall Overcome......... Let's PRAY for One Another and this Nation..

Until then,

May The Good Lord bless, guide, protect and keep You

keep a rainbow in your pocket and a smile in your heart

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